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META v17.1.2 has been released.


META v17.1.2

BETA CAE Systems announces the release of the new ANSA/EPILYSIS/META suite v17.1.2.
In this version new features have been added and corrections have been implemented for identified issues.
The most important enhancements and fixes implemented are listed below.

New functions are equipped with META v17.1.2.
For details of new features and bug fixes, please refer to the following release notes.


<Enhancements in META>
---Supported Interfaces---
・Support of Actran modal results from *.op2 files.
・Support of PFMODE curve results from OptiStruct *.pch files.

---NVH Calculators---
・Support of FRF components definition from Nastran *.pch files in the FRF Assembly tool.

---File Export---
・It is now possible to export curves in their RMS values.

・It is now possible to overlay results of different passengers with the Occupant Injury 
 Criteria tool if the same dummy type is used for the different passengers.
・Support of the KNCAP regulation.

<Known issues resolved in META>
---Supported Interfaces---
・ELGEN keyword of certain element types would not be read correctly from Abaqus input files.
・LS-Dyna rbdout and ncforc time history results would not be read correctly from binout files 
 of latest LS-Dyna versions.
・Nastran CWELD elements were not read correctly from *.op2 files of MSC Nastran 2016 & 2017.
・Unexpected termination when reading composite results for "All Layers" from Nastran files.

---Read Results---
・Unexpected termination could occur when reading curves from XY PCH format files.

---Handling Entities---
・Shell elements were not displayed on work stations with NVIDIA Quadro K4000 graphics cards, 
 driver: 331.82.
・Only one side of top and bottom results was shown when Smooth light was enabled.

---Math Operations on Field Data---
・Unexpected termination when trying to combine results from different results files 
 in Linear Combination tool.

---NVH Calculators---
・Equivalent Radiated Power results from Modal Response tool were not displayed with 
 the selected Unit system.
・Bush sensitivities would be calculated incorrectly in case of non-zero bush structural damping.

---METADB and Project Files---
・Zero value Reaction Forces would not be saved in project files and METADBs.

---File Export---
・Unexpected termination when trying to save Energy curves in TABLED format.

・Session files with if else statements would not be executed correctly in certain cases 
 from META v17.1.0 and on.

・Occupant Injury Criteria tool was using wrong filters for T4, T12 Accelerations and
 Acetabulum Forces of THOR-50 dummy. 

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