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ANSA v17.1.2 has been released.


ANSA v17.1.2
BETA CAE Systems announces the release of the new ANSA/EPILYSIS/META suite v17.1.2.
In this version new features have been added and corrections have been implemented for identified issues.
The most important enhancements and fixes implemented are listed below.

New functions are equipped with ANSA v17.1.2.
For details of new features and bug fixes, please refer to the following release notes.


<Enhancements in ANSA>
---Model Browser---
・A new default column "MBContainer" has been added to all Database Browser lists to provide 
 information on the Model Browser Container an entity belongs to. The Model Browser Container 
 can be a Subsystem, a Simulation model, or a Loadcase.
・Moreover, the ability to create a report for the selected Parts/Groups has been introduced 
 in the Model Browser window through the Actions>Create Report function.

・New capabilities have been added to the SGRAPH functionality to enable the mapping of PIDs 
 and Parts Hierarchy between two structures.

---Data Management---
・The "IsGroup" column has been added in the Part List tab of the Product Tree Editor,
 to facilitate the filtering of groups.

・A new check Checks>Loadcase has been introduced in the Header's list, which detects 
 whether a loadcase file has the requested entities or not.

---NVH Console---
・In addition to the new capability to open and edit the "Jobs Manager" window with any other 
 NVHC window, Bush Sensitivity calculations support linking of symmetric connectors and DOFs.

・Materials *MAT_211/*MAT_SPR_JLR, *MAT_215/*MAT_4A_MICROMEC and *MAT_280/*MAT_GLASS are 
 now supported.

<Known issues resolved in ANSA>
・The Utilities>Compress function would erroneously delete NASTRAN THERMAL related entities 
 or parameters, such as SPOINTs, TEMPDs and nodes belonging to application region.
・The Database Browser>Save List option would erroneously save all entities of a list of the DBB, 
 instead of only the selected ones.

---CAD Import / Export---
・Translating a CATProduct with Flatten assemblies option deactivated might lead to 
 unexpected termination.

---Model Browser---
・In Subsystems and, especially, Model Set-Up Entities ANSA would fail to recognize and 
 hence list SPCs and Forces.

---Model Browser---
・Changing the Type of a User Attribute through the drop-down menu in the respective window 
 could lead to unexpected termination.

・Upon creating of a Comparison Report through the "Compare Tool", the identified differences 
 in the Thickness of parts would not be reported properly.

---Connections & Assembly---
・Connectors in GEBs unexpectedly failed to be realized in case of Assembly Point search pattern, 
 when the Assembly Points were created by Bolts.

---FE Representations---
・Selecting or typing a ROBSCAN pattern in Connection Manager could lead to unexpected termination.

・Hot Points created by script function Base.HotPointsWeldSpot() would not be collected via 
 the method.
・The IsolateSolidFlanges() script function might not work when the first argument was set to 'None'.

---Volume Mesh---
・Erroneous detection of inner volume with Volumes>Define [Auto-Detect] function, 
 in certain cases with Layers in exclude or collapse mode.
・In certain cases, layers generation could lead to unexpected termination.

・The check Checks>Penetration [Intersections] would not identify CWELD elements penetrating shells.

・The DATABASE_OPTION settings would be written twice (before and after the Includes),
 if Includes were also written in the output file (inline).

・Cases in AUXILIARIES>CONTACT>Assistant, where the activation of the Create Individual Contacts option 
 in Contacts Wizard could lead to unexpected termination.

・Ortho3d MEDINA materials are now read and converted to anisotropic materials with orthotropic 
 properties in PERMAS.

・The output of models consisting of shell mesh only would lead to erroneous result. 

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